I was struck by Sutton's assertion, toward the beginning of the interview, that "Within our society as a whole, there's been a 30 percent increase in suicides since 2000."

This rather hefty increase in suicides coincides with an ever-increasging surge in the consumption and use of mental health services. In other words, as more people take psychotropic medications and endure psychotherapy, more people are dying because of their emotional maladies.

To do something which does not work, and then to do it again, is the very essense of psychopathological behavior. Ergo, one could argue that the therapeutic community is somewhat disturbed.

I don't think that psychiatry is necessarily a futile and failed field of endeavor. However, I think psychiatrists and psychologjsts need to re-evaluate their treatment strategems.

I wonder: There has been a huge increase in psychiatric problems, and transgenderism, among adolesecent girls, and this has ensued even though there has been an enormous stress on female empowerment, feminism, and the advancement of women over the past few decades. Is it possible that the very things meant to buttress and buoy female self-esteem and health are actualy exacerbating emotional problems in girls ???

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Terrific interview. We owe our veterans more. Thank you for bringing these issues forward. We must do better.


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