Great interview. Thanks to you both. The paywall issue is so important. I think that the New York Times' refusal to charge for many years was a kind of a death knell. How could the Detroit Free Press or Pittsburgh Post Gazette construct a paywall if the NYT was free? My wife was a senior editor at the WSJ when News Corp took over. Murdoch was determined to make it free until he looked at the numbers. I wish the NYT had joined the WSJ in charging form the start.

Just bought Accidental Life and looking forward to digging in.

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One of the greatest, full stop.

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Apr 16·edited Apr 17

Jon, so surprised that you (unintentionally) instigated the boxers or briefs affair. Would it have been out of character for gonzo Hunter to laugh it off and say "panties"? What about Bill?

Thanks for shining a light on Terry's accidental journeys through journalism. I've also hopscotched through various endeavors in life, and thankfully I'm still moving and testing my powers.

In this conversation, though, there is much nostalgia to celebrate, and much to lament. In my youth, the small town near Pittsburgh had a daily newspaper delivered to our porch 5 days a week. In the late 1950s I checked the archives for the announcement of my birth; I even touched the physical paper sheet from 1949. On the main street, The Book Shop carried national magazines, newspapers, and paperback fiction and non-fiction; I always visited there on weekends to find the latest in print, like LIFE, LOOK, NEWSWEEK, TIME, MAD MAGAZINE, or "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". Back then, reading the news was tactile, and thus seemed more personal. If indeed all politics is local, then perhaps there is a correlation between the death of the local news and the sickening demise of American political discourse.

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