"The world will likely never know for sure whether the Reagan campaign went beyond improperly monitoring Carter’s negotiations to actually conspiring with Iran to delay the release of the hostages until after the election"

Same thing the other article said. Speculation and innuendo. Thought you were better at this.

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Mar 20, 2023·edited Mar 20, 2023

Many Americans recall the deep concern felt for the Iran hostages during the Carter administration. I was no exception. After their return to the U.S., I sent a congratulatory letter to former Deputy Sec. of State, Warren Christopher. His gracious reply (as private citizen), dated March 16th, 1981, follows:

"Dear Mr. Vincent" (my legal name then and now)

"Now that I am back in private life, I want to express my deep though belated appreciation for your very thoughtful note about the Algiers negotiations."

"Many able people were involved in this endeavor, under President Carter's close direction. I was fortunate to have had an opportunity to play a role, and deeply thankful that the long nightmare is over."

"All through the negotiations, especially when success seemed so remote, I found reassurance in sensing that we had the support of people like you throughout the nation. I shall always be grateful."

"With regards, Sincerely, Warren Chistopher"

Of course, I still keep his kind letter safe with my keepsakes.

I am not surprised that Reagan and his operatives would exploit and subvert the diligent work of Carter and Christopher's team in the Algerian negotiations.

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So thorough and well-written !

No wonder it took you soooo long to complete the book.

Quality takes time.

Thank you for this reminder, given today’s NYT reporting.

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