Yeah. Prepare for judgment day. I love it, Mr. Alter.

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There are times when I want to stick my fingers in my ears and shout, “Make it stop...please ...” It shouldn’t be this hard, or take this long to convict

a man who was the mastermind of an insurrection,

and a conspiracy to overthrow our government, and that we know beyond a scintilla of doubt he was responsible for. The fact that it’s taking this long

is a testament to our legal system, because it demands more evidence than what our eyes and

ears told us. But go tell that to Trump supporters

in Congress who are planning to impeach President

Biden WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. Their willingness to repeatedly make fools of themselves is breathtaking.

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Once piece Jon!

...Ben Steele (PA75)

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Of course it would be a woman, a black woman... who might actually save democracy.

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Thanks, Jonathan. Although I am heartened by this piece, and agree that independent voters will be unlikely to support a convicted felon for president, I am still holding my breath. Maybe it’s just PTSD from election night 2016, or maybe it’s having watched Trump for decades in New York evading responsibility. He’s a slippery eel. The same thought always occurs to me with respect to this man, but civility prevents me from expressing it in full. Think “vampires” and “stakes”.

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I empathize 100%. There's a scene from the 1958 film Horror of Dracula that appears often in my mind - Dr. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) gazes intently downward at a coffin. while raising a large hammer in his right hand and gripping a stake in his left. THIS is how gothic drama eradicates pestilence from the world.

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I am glad Trump has finally, perhaps, met his match. He is a vile, psychopath who, if he did not act like a doddering fat-assed fool, would have a personality which is the splitting image of his political idol, Adolf Hitler.

However, you must understand that getting rid of Trump will not get rid of Trumpism. Liberals hate to admit it, but there is an abssess of racism that contaminates progressive poltiics. Consider the words of "SARAH JEONG," newly appionted member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times:

"Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins? . . . Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

and consider this:

"White people (are) marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,”




The Washington Post, article by Eric Logan, August 3, 2018

So Ms. JEONG, sitting pretty in her role as commissar of the New York Times, OOZES WITIH IMPERIAL AMAZONIAN CONTEMPTUOUSNESS. I bet she was like a liberal "woman" I knew who liked the Vietcong's "bouncing betty" landmines, which when stepped on tended to rise 3 feet in the air and blow off GI TESTICLES.

Oh, we know the type: They are the sleek snide bourgeois bitchy liberals who are uttergly ga ga over identity politics but deaf, dumb and blind to CLASS CONFLICT (I will concede that Biden is doing the right thing by FINALLY giving Medicare the right to bargain with big pharma -- Obama could have done this when he took office, as at that time this country was, briefly, rather left wing and 2 thirds of the populattion supported the public option, but he was too much of lying phoney liberal to do that.)

I know that it is very chic to denigrate poor white men. Indeed, I just read Philip Roth's excellent novel, "The Human Stain," and even that senstive aritistic genius had more than a few choice words to condemn poor vietnam veterans.

We know the score: You idle, ivy towered narcissists believe that white men are privileged (True to from, you deny individuality and put all white men in the same camp, whether they are rich millionaries or whether they are poor slobs always dealt a raw deal) and therefore when a white man is injured you consider it a stroke of divine redemption. How wonderful, the lords and ladies of Martha Vineyard's bourgeois liberalism exclaim, "Life is finally fucking a white man up the ass."

I know white men, who died in their 30's, who were severely disturbed and were sent to prisons where black orderles beat them, kicked them in the balls and bloodied them for sport

Liberals may think they are sitting pretty with a slim electoral majority, but the Trumpian oppostion has something liberals dont have

The Trumpers are willing to lay down their lives. And they are willing to kill for their beliefs. Most liberals are metrosexual sissies who have never fought with their fists in their lives.

Most Trumpers know Donald is an ass. He speaks like a delusional spoiled brat who deserves to die. But the Trumpers will still support him. why ??? Becasue they do not look kindly upon seeing the demise of that which they loved and cherished, an America where there were Christians and Jews and nothing as exotic as Muslims, An America with Itallian Pizzerias and "Zion" Kosher Delicatessens and nothing as alien as food from Afghanistan. An America where there were men and women and no other sexes

An America where old people could die with hope that the goodness they had known would live on

In closing, I am not a Trumper. I despise him. But my heart beats to atavistic rhythms of tribe and type and a destiny that for all its horror is still irresistable.

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Aug 31, 2023·edited Aug 31, 2023

Among the infamous MAGA co-conspirators, indicted and unindicted, there is a contagious reaction to steely judges like Tanya Chutkan; it's called flop sweat. In the coming weeks and months, many of these defendants will succumb to the realization that their goose is being cooked, and the oven door is locked shut.

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Great piece, as always.

My one worry is that there will be at least one juror who's full on a MAGA/Trump loyalist. Trump and all of the GOP are working daily - hell, hourly - to taint the jury pool, and I'll be surprised if they're not successful.

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Excellent article as in the past. I’ve always enjoyed JA’s writing!

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Amen brother

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Good piece, Jon. I talked to a friend yesterday who told me he'd heard Trump's working on a new book. The working title is "The Art of the Plea Deal."

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