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PHEWand another great column, Jon

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I largely agree with you. The Kansas vote is good news for Democrats

The question is: Just how good is the good news. To what extent will it boost the chances of Dems at the polls.

There is only one question or doubt I have about your rosy scenario: Many voters, who routinely vote Republican, have, for years sided with Dems on economic issues.

Most voters in the nation are staunchly in favor of generosity in terms of unemployment insurance, higher minimum wages, higher social security benefits and support for Medicare. For years, polls have shown that there is strong support for these programs even in fairly conservative states.

Although the great majority of voters despise the appellation liberal and say they decry anything remotely related to liberalism, they actually are emphatically liberal on specific economic matters. Since their liberal stance on economic issues does not preclude their support for GOP Neanderthals. they might support those Neanderthals even though they support abortion rights.


You noted that the GOP did well in 2002 even though Bush had the Whitehouse and the party in control of Pa Avenue usually loses in off year elections.

The Gop did well not only because 9/11 provoked a rally round the flag response which translated into a rally round Bush dynamic at the polls.

The Dems messed up in 2002 because of how they opted to deal with 9/11. Their advisors reasoned as follows: The electorate trusts you on Bread and Butter issues, Health and Education. Their advisors reasoned that they should just say -- again and again and again --- that they want more social security, education, health care, blah blah blah. Too many Dems sounded like weak, whining mommies.

The voters reasoned: The Dems are running away from the biggest issue: Islamic Jihadism and 9/11.

A party should NEVER NEVER NEVER avoid issues that assume center stage in the voters' minds.

Ergo, the Dems must not runaway from inflation. They must, among other things, explain why and how Joe Biden and the Dems did not create current inflation.

Voters often blame incumbents for all current problems. Pols must therefore EDUCATE the voters. They must speak in more than sound bites that have been approved by focus groups. For example, FDR gave fireside chats which were actually downright educational, explaining why the Fed govt. had to intervene in the economy, why fascism had to be opposed, why lendlease was eminently sensible. Now, Biden and his friends, instead of speaking in only brain-dead soundbites, must explain the causes of current inflation. I explained why it is erroneous to pretend that Biden is culpable for causing inflation in


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Silly comment, but your spelling "Kerri Lake" is actually Kari Lake. Her opponent spelled her first name of "Karen" as Kerrin. It's all very confusing.

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The Republican Party is a tree full of cuckoos who insist on creeping further and further out on the limbs. The no-exceptions extremists are now so far out that they can't get back before November. The combined weight of so many cuckoos on the slender branches will certainly destroy the tree - it's inevitable. Democrats need only keep pushing them away from the center and watching the limbs break.

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