Apropós of something else entirely, It occurred to me that Vice-President Pence, when presiding over the US Senate, is NOT acting as a member of the Executive Branch (arguably subject to the will of the President), but is, IN FACT, acting as a member of the LEGISLATIVE Branch! He may get that role and title because he incidentally won the Vice-Presidency, but he is wearing a LEGISLATIVE "hat" and not an Executive "hat"!

NO one has commented in my hearing on that point!

THEREFORE, the President's attempt to control what the "President of the Senate" is doing (vis-a-vis the Electoral College) is a possible violation of the Separation of Powers! A President should never have any direct control over a Senate President, regardless of what other offices the latter may hold! Leveling threats is, arguably, an impeachable offense (maybe even a crime!) for a President to try to exert such direct control!

I also doubt that Rudy Giuliani will go to a "Club Fed" for his Georgia problems. He just MIGHT wind up in the Ga. State Pen w/no Secret Service to run interference for him! From racket-buster to racketeer in SUCH a short time!

I'll bet there are some guys in there who can REALLY make the hair dye run down his face!

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NOT A MINIMUM SECURITY RISK 60 Minutes ran a report in 1980-something about cushy federal prisons for white collar criminals. The prison for Watergate convicts thereafter closed: "Pa. prison camp once called a 'country club' for notable inmates goes on the market," PennLive.com, 7-24-21. See also "White Collar Cons Say Goodbye to Club Fed," ABC News, 7-1-03. I would be satisfied if President Trump were sentenced to home confinement until after the election, with no media access or coverage. But restricting his freedom of speech would be legally impossible, especially because thus far he is not being prosecuted for treason.

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Unfortunately, I do not share Mr. Alter’s optimism. He cites the apparently prodigious legal cannons aiming their fire on Trump, and of course I am glad that prosecutors have the sense to assert claims against Trump.

But then again, I was optimistic in 2017, when it appeared to me, and to a lot of people, that Mueller had Trump by the nuts. After all, we learned that Trump’s first national security advisor had taken money from Russia, that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Monaforte, had taken millions from Russia, that Jared Kushner and others had lied to the FBI about their conversations with high-placed Russians and that Russians, posing as American blacks, disseminated a lot of dirt about Hillary Clinton in Detroit, the black vote in Detroit plummeted, and that dip in the black vote gave Michigan to Trump. But, somehow, Mueller’s investigation came and went and died.

I can remember in 2018 or 2019 we had Trump on tape saying to leading Ukrainians that he would not give them weaponry unless they gave him dirt on the Bidens. Most people have forgotten that. Indeed, MSNBC and CNN, allegedly “liberal” news programs, are talking about Hunter Biden’s alleged misdeeds without mentioning the poison at the heart of the story: Trump is looking for dirt, is planting dirt, and will sabotage our foreign policy in search of his greatest love, everlasting dirt.

And a couple of weeks ago, a poll commissioned by the New York Times showed Trump and Biden tied at 43 percent; during the 2016 campaign, Hillary had always been ahead of Trump.

For six years, we have been investigating Trump and that scoundrel still walks the streets. This makes the American people think that either the claims of the anti-Trumpers are invalid or that the anti-Trumpers are just such a bunch of disorganized wet behind the ears sophomoric socialists that they are too stupid to deserve to take power. (There is another possibility which I raised in some posts: Trump has threatened prosecutors or fact finders or key witnesses with trips to the bottom of the Hudson River courtesy of his mafioso cement shoes)


ARENDT SAID that hatred of the Jews soared among gentiles because gentiles had contempt for the Jews for what they perceived as the Jewish inability to use their money to obtain political power or safety from the mob. (Footnote 1)

THE PARALLEL between European Jewry and the American Liberal Chattering Class:

Trumpers have contempt for intellectuals, litigators, and those who know the constitution because of what Trumpers perceive as the inability of these intellectuals, litigator and liberals to spout anything more than language, to wield power, to use their fists to give the Trumpers a black eye. The perceived weakness, or even rank effeminacy, of the liberal chattering classes incites a desire to eliminate the chattering classes

And to top it all off, consider the possibility of a recession. If a recession develops, which is a distinct possibility because higher interest rates normally induce recessionary contractions, Trump will no longer be tied with Biden; he’ll be 5 to 10 points ahead.

Footnote 1: See https://davidgottfried.substack.com/p/how-todays-anti-trump-left-and-european

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Ringing in on your suggestion that it’d be better to see Trump work in a soup kitchen than do time in a “country club” prison. As a public defender for 38 years and counting… I am here to tell you that no such prison exists which could fairly be considered a country club. You shouldn’t suggest such a thing. It’s your lack of knowledge that allowed you to play into a very dangerous idea that some prisons are not so bad - instead, cushy. Please don’t do make that mistake again - your readers might believe you.

Prison would decimate Trump - because there are no cameras allowed and he would, literally, become invisible. (One of the worst aspects of our prisons). He would, by the way, be wildly popular with most inmates because he would be powerful inside - he’s celebrity - secret service would not need to do much protecting. Most prison staff voted for him. But he’d by 100% out of the public eye - worst possible punishment for him.

Soup kitchen? Each appearance would be a campaign event for him - would draw press coverage galore… it’d be nauseating to watch him continue to rail against his treatment and delight the fan base.

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I'd sentence this guy to one year living in silent monastery with Cistercian monks

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Audio feed could actually be better than video of trial proceedings. Might decrease the latitude for showboating and still leave a stark record.

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you think Dean Phillips could beat Biden/Harris in the South Carolina primary?

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I hope you’re right, Jonathan. I’ll be following the Dean Phillips move with interest, but is it really possible that a stand-in will get any traction? And I guess the assumption is that any Midwest governor would do better than Biden. We shall see.

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Aug 14·edited Aug 14

The supreme fallacy of the Trump candidacy is that Trump believes that the shrieks and squeals he hears from MAGA rodents at campaign rallies indicate love and affection. He fails to realize, however, that shrieks and squeals are defense mechanisms by rodents when they become agitated. He's on the express train to Loser Tucky.

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Would you approve of Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar as a replacement vice-presidential candidate? She has charisma. Even rural voters like her.

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Having taught in the Chicago Public Schools as an educator of students with special learning needs, I believe Trump should be sentenced to full time teacher assistant status to include but not limited to such tasks as photocopying

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Thanks Jon, for lifting our spirits during the these very hot Dog Days. And thanks for the shout out to Congressman Dean Phillips for actually doing something besides talking about the elephant(this one NOT a Republican) in the middle of the Democratic Party’s room. Finally thanks for the perspective on the Hunter Biden matter. Maureen Dowd was roasted by a lot of the Times’ readers for mentioning his case in the same column as Trump and Thomas. “How dare you compare them…!”

But comparison or “whataboutism” was certainly not her point. Nor should it be ours if Democrats and independents want to beat the Right(Trump or no Trump).

To borrow from James Carville: “ It’s the DISTRACTION” stupid!

On to September with a new commitment to FOCUS.

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Add the potential of more good news this upcoming week in Atlanta! Maybe the chances are getting better for us to survive the fiasco that keeps us on the edge of our seats!

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Well done, Mr. Alter!

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Thank you for lifting my spirits, John! For now…

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