Has anyone looked at the Fla. State Constitution to see whether or not the Governor has the constitutional power to mess with local school curricula? Seems to me that needs to be studied. I downloaded the Texas State Constitution, and NOWHERE could I find any legislative power to regulate pregnancy or childbirth!

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Have to say, "Old Goats" has been an invaluable guide to "Democracy on Trial". It's not easy to be optimistic, but, indeed, accountability is mostly about outing the transgressions. And explaining the drama well, whether or not one agrees, is priceless. (And for everything else, there's Mastercard...)

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Judge Tanya Sue Chutkan went with the later date after arraignment today -- Aug. 28 at 10am.

Very significant that Judge Tanya Sue Chutkan already has decided, and told the magistrate to tell the parties, that she will set trial date next hearing. More frequently the judge will have a first hearing and then set schedule no earlier than second hearing, She’s focused on schedule.

Trump is guilty but if his lawyers are savvy enough to keep him out of jail, it will be a big win for him politically.

And endangered election 2024 / chance for Biden to reelected.


12.04pm: start from his mansion in Bedminster New Jersey

2.51pm: landed in Washington DC

3.19pm: arrives at Elijah Barrett Prettyman Jr. Federal Courthouse (333 Constitution Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C., U.S.)

Jack Smith is around 15ft away from Trump (the tables are 4ft wide). Look each other.

4.40pm: Trump pleads not guilty to federal conspiracy charges in plot to overturn 2020 election.

5.03pm: Trump's motorcade gets from the courthouse to DC airport in less than 10 minutes at rush hour.

5.12pm: Officers Harry Dunn, Aquilino Gonell, and Daniel Hodges leaving the courthouse.

5.24pm: Trump airplane to take off after waiting in line on tarmac


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Clear. Persuasive. But it ain’t over until it’s over.

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Also, excellent work here with a pre-emptive takedown of the phony arguments already being dispensed by the Fox and Trump Propaganda Machine.

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At this point, if you are supporting Trump, you are an enemy of democracy and prefer a dictatorship.

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The arguably "best" First-Amendment case ever decided by the Supreme Court (5-4) years ago was the case upholding (barely) the "right" of Larry Flynt to satirize Jerry Falwell in "Hustler" magazine by posing him having a drink of LIQUOR by a fireside and reminiscing about having had sex with his mother! I doubt the idiots in the "Gang of Six" would agree today. After all, it was decided 5-4 back then!

But, the Majority Opinion said it was an OBVIOUS satire of a public figure. No one would ever take such stuff seriously. So, the First Amendment protects (or should) false expressions about public figures that are obviously satirical, but it does NOT protect expressions INTENDED to defraud or hurt people, like falsely crying "Fire!" in a crowded theater. So, Donald Trump's "state of mind" is critical to the issue of whether or not his electioneering expressions are protected or not.

The First Amendment does not get truly tested by challenging noble speeches or fine art. It is best "tested" by expressions that are extreme, offensive and horrible to many--expressions that balance on the very edge of propriety. I like to say that the First Amendment guarantees the "right" to be offended. The "pecksniffs" need to get over themselves.

Personally, I am waiting until I see Trump in a jumpsuit matching the color of his skin!

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It is difficult to have a rosy view of America's future when half of Congress is beholden to a con man who relies on his lizard brain for political advice. Until the American voter realizes that a slick con is not a political platform, there can be little hope. Godspeed, Rosie. You will need to start seeing, understanding, believing, and running quite soon.

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Jonathan, I think you know at this point that I’m half nitpicker, and half devil’s advocate, which means that I rarely wholeheartedly agree with any piece presented here. 😄. This piece is an exception. I agree 100%. The undertones of relief, optimism, and even glee, are not misplaced! It’s too early to celebrate, but I am greatly heartened by the turn of events. Cheers.

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Thank you Mr Alter. That rise of hope you felt for your granddaughter's future, I felt for my son, who is - I think - a Millenial? I'm an older mother - I had him at 40, and I realize I won't see the world he and his generation inherits. Although I hope to make another 20-25 years. I hope they can solve the climate crisis. I'm feeling a tad better about America's future.

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In all my 82 years I never have been so fearful for our country, its values, its future, and our grandchildren. How did it come to this? For everyone who worries as I do, I hope the next election process finds us working the grass roots of our neighborhood, funding our nominee, and challenging those who threaten our democracy. You know who! Thanks, JA for your hopeful analysis.

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Voting for Trump is totally inconceivable to me. You’re exactly right, the election of 2024 will be a litmus test for many Republicans on their loyalty to democracy!

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